Architecture and construction

The brand offers over 700 house projects so everyone can find a home suited to their needs and possibilities. Projects are distinguished by attractive design, practical solutions, professional support of experts and building community ( in country the brand is present). The construction blueprints are clear, concise and detailed and will vary depending on the size and complexity of the home. All blueprints are designed by professional. Each house was created with an emphasis on:

  • the economics of the construction,
  • energy efficiency,
  • aesthetics,
  • usability in everyday life,
  • future exploitation costs.


Architect’s Vision

Every project starts with a concept idea. As a designer it’s more than important to me to focus not only on a catchy design but also to follow the credentials listed above. At the very beginning of this process, it’s not about board feet or setbacks or even floor plans. The house must be functional for it’s habitants- that’s the most important of all things.

Once functional needs are fulfilled and I’m satisfied with the outcome I start to put together 2d with 3d which means this is the moment when the basic shape of the building forms. Next step is to put enough attention to every detail from the roof to the order on elevations and simply create a masterpiece.

Easy customization

Each countCUSTOMIZATIONry has it’s regulations especially when it comes to construction. With ready “Z” blueprints  it’s easy to translate them to another  language, change units and update descriptions on each layout. It’s all easy changeable.

The same thing is with the construction. As a designer I am aware that everybody likes to own something unique and clients have rights to make changes in the blueprints they buy. That’s why every house project is being created with an idea of open spaces and smart construction scheme to allow clients and architects to freely move most of the walls.


High quality materials


Every house design has few HD visualizations and animations (some of them) showing all 360 degree views. It helps to better visualize future house and choose proper materials and colors for the roof and elevations.



Process of working on detail in 3D.