Worldwide ‘Z’ brand consists of over 700 architectural projects, house designs, exteriors and interiors.

Over past 15 years Mr Peter Z. designer and creator of ‘Z’ brand has developed an idea of easy approach to building own house. Today, this idea is spread into few hundreds of projects in different styles from very traditional ones to ultra modern, in few countries around the world.

To visualize future home – each house design contains of high quality visualizations and animations, conceptual plans, detailed technical drawings, sketches and architect vision of exteriors and interiors.

All this to help people around the world to build own house – easier, cheaper, better and faster.


Variety of projects

Choose from projects in different styles: traditional, modern and residential.


Each project is a masterpiece. Every detail matters. It's not just a project but a house that creates a lifestyle.

  • Peter Z – owner, designer and creator of ‘Z’ brand

    Owning your own home is freeing.

    I’ ve always wanted to help people making their dreams about having an own house come true. Following the idea I’ve developed during past 15 years you can now help your clients to achieve it easier, faster and cheaper. Using ready blueprints of house project help you to save a lot of time and money, same as your clients. In this model of cooperation all sides benefit.

    Peter Z – owner, designer and creator of ‘Z’ brand